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Syntax- and Semantics-Enabled Metamodelling


OWLText consists of a set of Eclipse plug-ins that require and extend EMFText. The easiest way to install these plug-ins is to add the EMFText update site using the Eclipse Update Manager. The source code of all components is freely available via our SVN repository.

Installation via Eclipse Update Manager

The easiest way to install the current release or the latest development build is to use the Eclipse Update Manager directly from Eclipse.

If you have not installed the Eclipse platform yet, go to and download a version that fits your system. OWLText does not depend on a specific Eclipse package. Other Eclipse components required by OWLText will be automatically installed with OWLText if they are missing in your installation.

After unzipping, start Eclipse and follow these instructions:

Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... from Eclipse's menu.

Select Software Updates from the Eclipse help menu.

The next step is to configure a New Remote Site... pointing to one of the EMFText update sites. They provide pre-built versions of all required EMFText and OWLText plug-ins:

Latest Stable Release

Current Snapshot Release

Create a new Remote Site for OWLText.

From the EMFText update site, you have to select the following plug-ins to install OWLText.

  • EMFText > all contained features
  • EMFText Languages > EMFText Syntax: Ecore TEXT
  • OntoMoPP > all contained features

Source from SVN

To obtain the latest source, anonymous SVN access is available. Several plug-ins, each representing an Eclipse project, are available. To check out the different modules as Eclipse projects use the following SVN repository location:

You can also browse the SVN online: