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Syntax- and Semantics-Enabled Metamodelling

What is OWLText?

OWLText is a set of Eclipse plug-ins for syntax and semantics-enabled metamodelling. It is meant to enhance the specification of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs).

OWLText was motivated by the lack of semantics support in current metamodelling approaches. It was developed in the MOST Project that aimed at exploiting the reasoning capabilities of ontology technology in modelling and metamodelling.

OWLText integrates the technical spaces of grammar world, metamodelling world and ontology world to deliver a comprehensive approach to syntax and semantics-enabled metamodelling. Therefore, OWLText bundles:

  • a textual syntax for the Ecore metamodel, to provide means for describing metamodels of DSLs,
  • the tool EMFText for the specification of textual DSL syntax,
  • the language OWL-CL (OWL Constraint Language) to specify ontology-based constraints for DSLs.

To learn how to download and install OWLText please visit our Download section.

Exemplary DSL Editor with semantic error annotations built with OWLText

What does OWLText?

OWLText provides metamodelling tools to specify a DSL metamodel, a textual concrete syntax for the metamodel, and static metamodel constraints using an OWL-based constraint language. Given these DSL specification artifacts OWLText automatically generates an syntax- and semantics-aware DSL editor.

An example of such an editor for a petrinets specification language is depicted on the right. It shows a number of error annotations pointing DSL users to inconsistencies in the DSL file.

To learn how you can apply OWLText to build your own DSLs, please visit our Documentation section.

To learn how to use the OWLText tool in practice, we suggest to visit the Screencasts section.

Related projects

  • EMFText - a tool to define text syntax for Ecore-based languages
  • OntoMoPP - a set of EMFText-based tools for recent ontology languages (e.g., OWL2, SPARQL, SWRL)