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The fastest way to refinable, durable and evolution-resistant textual syntaxes for EMF models!

If you attended the EMFText/JaMoPP Tutorial at the MODELS 2010 conference and you'd like to play around with the tools on your machine, please follow the instructions below. Its probably the best to perform the installation before the tutorial. If have trouble setting things up, don't hesitate to contact us via email (



Eclipse Setup

  • Increase memory limit in eclipse.ini to 1GB

Setting up the Workspace

  • Example DSLs are available from the SVN repository (anonymous access allowed)

  • To explore the Forms DSL, check out the following projects:
    • org.emftext.language.forms
    • org.emftext.language.forms.edit
    • org.emftext.language.forms.generator
    • org.emftext.language.forms.resource.forms
    • org.emftext.language.forms.resource.forms.ui
    • org.emftext.language.forms.swt_interpreter
  • The FormsEmbedded DSL consist of the following projects:
    • org.emftext.language.formsembedded
    • org.emftext.language.formsembedded.resource
    • org.emftext.language.formsembedded.resource.formsembedded
    • org.emftext.language.formsembedded.resource.formsembedded.ui
  • Checkout the FormsExtension DSL:
    • org.emftext.language.formsextension
    • org.emftext.language.formsextension.resource.formsextension
    • org.emftext.language.formsextension.resource.formsextension.ui
  • The projects required to use the JavaForms DSL are:
    • org.emftext.language.javaforms
    • org.emftext.language.javaforms.codegen
    • org.emftext.language.javaforms.resource.javaforms
    • org.emftext.language.javaforms.resource.javaforms.ui

Run code generation

Metamodels (.ecore and .genmodel files) are in folders named “metamodel”. The syntax definitions (.cs files) are in the same folders.

  • Open all .genmodel files (5) and select “Generate model code”
  • Right-click on all .cs files (4) and select “Generate text resource”

Building can take a while. Once it’s finished you should see no compile errors anymore. If you do, contact us.

Setting up the Example (Runtime) Workspace

  • Checkout all example projects:
    • org.emftext.language.forms.examples
    • org.emftext.language.formsembedded.example
    • org.emftext.language.formsextension.example
    • org.emftext.language.javaforms.example